STA 401.

STC 101.

Remote Grip.

Stinger "T".

Stinger "B".




STA 401.
STC 101.
Remote Grip.
Stinger "T".
Stinger "B".
Am Katzensteg 16
55578 Wallertheim
We have developed a new sound system for Square Dance, RD, CL,
Contra and all others using the same typ of sound systems.
The STA-401 has many new and exciting features.
We have combined a PROFESSIONAL 6 channel mixer with a high power
HYPEX power amplifier. Then we added a hole lot of additional features for a Dance Instructor.
Circuitry built into the STA-401 lets a Instructor access the most commonly used computer functions
right from the microphone handle! Start and Pause music, start the next queued up song, turn the
"loop" off and on. Five popular software programs are currently supported with more to come.
The two microphone inputs can be easily "Y"ed so that 4 Callers can work together. The mic handle
volume control can be used seamlessly by all 4 Callers. A sixteen step LED light bar gives a visual indication
of the remote volume setting in real time. The microphone handle is detachable from the cable – if a cable
goes bad, just replace it and keep the handle. You can also have an extra cable – say a longer one for
when you need the added length. We will soon have a wireless remote control with all the functions of the
wired one that will work perfectly with the STA 401.
Velcro it to a wireless handheld transmitter and go untethered!
* Multi Caller friendly   up to 4 Callers have full music volume control using
   our new microphone remote music control handle.
* Plenty of power  400 watts into a 4 ohm load!
* Control the most commonly used functions of your computer software from the mic cable.
* 2 mic inputs, easily set up for 4, each with the capability of controlling their own computer
* Detachable handle/cable.
* Small size and weight. 8 pounds.
* 10.5"D x 8.25"W x 4" H
* 2 year warranty.
Our new Dance system offers you the control that you want together with the power that you need so that
you can concentrate more on your dancers or the Public at demos and not on your system or your
computer. 4 remote points on the STA 401 lets you have 100% control of volume and your own computer
for 4 different dance instructors at the same time. There is no more need for turning the volume all the way
UP or DOWN after finishing your part because the next instructor just takes over the controls where they
are and keeps on going. Each instructor can also control his or her own computer from his or her
microphone handle with our one button digital control system (1 built in to the system and 3 can be plugged
in on the side through the STC 101). With this button you can Start your music, Pause, Restart, Stop,
Fade Out and Start the next song so that you do not have to turn to your computer between songs.
Great for Demos because you do not loose contact to your dancers or the public between songs. There is
also place for 2 different plug in effects and all that with 400 watts of power so that you can handle all
different sizes of groups up to about 300 dancers with ease. We are also offering a very small stand alone
amplifier (Optional) with an extra 400 watts for those larger dances.
Look at our web video on
URL: http://www.youtube.